TouchTalk for iPhone


    The application contains a detailed ‘Help’ section explaining such topics as navigation in the app, setting preferences, how to ask questions and understanding answer.

    If you have any further questions or would like to request features for the next version, please email me.


    When the app first launches, it vibrates once to indicate it is ready. There are four options on the home screen: Help, Learn, Preferences and Shake to input.

    If you shake the iPhone from any screen it will launch the gesture screen, and the iPhone will vibrate once to indicate it is ready. From here you can enter letters using the modified manual alphabet. To return to the home screen, use a two finger tap in the bottom left corner of the screen.

    If you would like to display the text you have entered, shake the iPhone. This will display any text you have just entered and give answer options. By default, the answer options are currently ‘Yes/No’ and ‘Type answer’. ‘Yes/No’ gives tactile feedback - Yes is one vibration and No is two vibrations. If ‘Type answer’ is selected, the other user can type in their response and their answer will display as large text onscreen.

    There is a demo video of the application on the home page.

Manual Alphabet Manual_Alphabet.html