TouchTalk for iPhone


For A PDF version of all the gestures, click below:

Manual Alphabet for iPhone.pdf

    TouchTalk understands a modified version of the deafblind manual alphabet. The application contains a ‘Learn’ section which shows how to gesture each letter.

    The gestures do not have to start in exactly the same place as they appear in the diagrams. The iPhone screen is split a 3 x 3 grid of equal-sized regions. As long as the gesture starts and/or ends in the specified region then the gesture will be recognised.

Manual Alphabet

Each of the regions relate to an area of a hand, as shown in the image to the left. All of the letters in the modified manual alphabet are very closely related to how letters are performed in the deafblind manual alphabet.

Currently, TouchTalk only supports the modified deafblind alphabet, but there are plans to include the block alphabet soon. If there is another alphabet you think should be included, please email: